Do you offer full-time employment, 40 hours per week?
No we do not. This job is best suited for someone just wanting to supplement their income. All our work is on an as needed basis.

How far will I be driving?
We expect that you will be able to reach a client home on average within 10-20 minutes of your home. You will be paid extra for a visit if the travel distance is greater than average.

How long are the visits you offer clients?
Visits are 20 or 30 minutes depending on the pet and the client needs.

Who tells me what time I must be at the home for the pet visits?
You will be given a schedule with expected visit times.

Will I always be busy?
No. There will be some weeks when you are quite busy, other times will be very quiet. Our peak periods are during spring break, summer months and the holidays.

Can I accept or decline an assignment?
Yes, we try to be extremely flexible. It’s all about communication. If there are homes or animals that you are not comfortable visiting, let us know. If you have personal commitments, again, just let us know.

Can I have someone accompany me on any of my pet visits?
No. Only you are insured and contracted by the client to enter their home, therefore only you are allowed in the homes. Adults can ride along with you as long as they stay outside the home. We never know how a pet will react to a child or another adult they do not know.

Will I be paid by the hour?
No. You are paid a fee per completed visit, on a bi-weekly basis.