Dog Behavior Modification

Does your furry friend need some behavior modification? Do you:

  • wonder why your dog behaves as he does?
  • need help with leash-pulling, lunging, and excessive barking?
  • believe your dog is suffering from separation anxiety or aggression issues?
  • want your adult dog to not be fearful in the real world?

Needs dog training

Have you done some  dog training? Did the trainer spend lots of time talking but not giving you valuable options to solving the unwanted behaviors? My name is Rose Dybel and I can help you.

Happy man and happy dog. They have competed in home dog training.

Help with Behavior Modification

When people call me they are often very frustrated. The majority of calls are from dog owners one step away from surrendering their dog to a shelter due to unruly behavior. Usually, these people erroneously believe the answer is simple obedience training. However, dog training is often costly and time consuming. In addition, it does little or nothing to help a dog showing aggression and other behavioral issues.

Dog Training isn’t Enough

In just one session, I educate you on the “why” associated with your dog’s behavior. Therefore, it acts as a means to bridge the communication gap between you and your pet. You will learn about the psychology of the behavior, about the natural canine instincts, and how to read their body language effectively. Thus, by understanding why your animal is doing certain things, you can often achieve the desired behavior from your dog by changing how you interact with your animal.

Achieving Changes in Behavior Where it Exists

Instead of taking your dog into a new environment with strange sights and sounds, it make sense to address many problems at your home. Besides, it is in that home environment and neighborhood–and with persons living with the dog–where the issues exist. Consistency is very important. Everyone in the dog’s home really needs to understand and participate in order to achieve the desired changes in behavior.

Consultation Assessment Report

If desired, I will prepare a Consultation Assessment Report for you following our meeting. It will contain valuable information needed to achieve the desired behavior changes.  In it you will find:

  • a history of the situation and the home environment relative to the problem bevahiors
  • a description of the issues that need addressing and related circumstances associated with the misbehaviors
  • a summary of the recommendations given to you to resolve the difficulties with your animal
  • an overview of what to expect from your dog at the various stages of his or her life
  • a list of topics based on your dog’s needs, including not only behavioral issues but also information about general canine behavior
  • a list of training tips for further development of a well behaved dog

This report will be a valuable reminder of what we have discussed and may help you resolve new issues that may arise.


If you believe your dog is aggressive**, I can also help. We can determine if aggression is truly at play or if your dog is engaging in normal canine behaviors.  Sometimes unwanted behaviors, such as leash pulling, lunging and frantic barking can be minimized or altogether eliminated with the use of basic classical and operant conditioning techniques.

Dog Training Methodology

Rose Dybel, Dog TrainerI subscribe to the dog training philosophies as prescribed by my professional membership in the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals). Cesar Milan is a member, and I use the techniques set out in LIMA (least invasive, minimally aversive) with an emphasis on positive reinforcement.

**Aggression comes in MANY forms, depending on the root of the behavior. Some dogs engage in what is known as “Control Conflict Aggression” and/or “Dog-to-Dog Aggression”. In these instances, you will need to seek out a trainer who specializes in aggression.  Please inquire if you would like a consultation to evaluate.

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