Keys & Alarm Systems

If you decide to use our services, we will require two copies of your key. When left with us, we tag keys with a security code unrelated to your home. When not being used for scheduled visits, keys are kept in a locked security box.There are fees to return for keys or to make the second key.

Two Keys

In order to easily arrange subsequent visits without a key exchange, most clients leave their keys in our possession. This is especially helpful when there is an unexpected business trip or a family emergency requiring you to rush out of town.

Keys must be in our possession prior to you leaving town. Because of liability concerns, we will not use keys left outside waiting for our first visit nor will we leave a key outside at your home on the final visit. We will drop off and/or pick up keys for a fee.

Alarm Systems

Many homes have alarm systems and we are quite familiar with using them. If possible, we suggest that you assign a unique entry code for our use so that you are not required to share your personal code.

Alarm PanelIf you are going to be out of the country or in an area with poor cell phone service, you may want to provide our name and number to your security company. When the security company is unable to reach you, they can call us. We can go over to your home and check on the animals but this is not in lieu of calling the police.

If we accidentally set off the alarm, we will let you know. If your home has a landline, the security company often calls that number first to verify that there really is an emergency. We will answer the phone and they typically ask for a verbal password. Please let us know what we should use as password.

Garage Door Openers & Key Fobs

Key FobIt is company policy that we do not use garage door openers or key fobs as our primary way to access your home. Because we typically have two sitters assigned to a family, sharing such devices becomes complicated. In addition, we have encountered faulty garage door openers resulting in great difficulty getting into the home.