Pet Sitting, Dog Walking

We offer pet sitting and dog walking throughout much of Virginia Beach. Whether you are away on vacation, traveling for business, or just have a busy work schedule, a pet sitter is there to help you care for your special family members. Our pet sitters specialize in providing reliable, affectionate, and affordable care for your cats, dogs, birds, and other small animals.

 Many dogs enjoy our weekly, private dog walking services and look forward to their dog walker’s arrival each day. And when you have a long day at work, you can take comfort knowing that your friend has gotten a little love and exercise when you couldn’t be there.

Dogs waiting for their pet sitter or dog walker

Why In  Home Pet Sitting?

Many folks that need to be away from home wonder if they should get a dog sitter or cat sitter for their furry companion or just use a kennel. They answer is — it depends. In the blog entry A Tale of Two Dogs; Pet Sitter Versus a Kennel, I detail why you might be better off using a kennel versus using in home pet care. Below is a list of some of the general benefits of using a pet sitting service.

  • Animals are creatures of habit and don’t like change.
  • Familiar smells, sights and sounds comfort the animals, thus causing them less stress while you are away from home.
  • Your pets are not exposed to disease or parasites from other animals.
  • Someone visiting your house deters crime by giving your home a lived-in look.
  • You do not need to stop mail or newspaper delivery because we will bring these items inside.
  • There is no need to impose on neighbors, friends or family to care for your animals.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Experience

We have been providing pet sitting services since 2004. Because of our years of experience, when the unexpected happens — as it often does — our pet sitters know how to handle the situation.

When you hire us as your pet sitting service, you are also hiring a partner in the general care of your animal. We are often asked on how we might solve a particular issue. Because we visit so may different homes, we get to see many different tricks that other pet parents use and will share their ideas.

Many times we are asked for recommendations to veterinary clinics and we know which ones appear most often on our contracts. We’ve heard the stories — both the good and the bad.

And as that time approaches when you may no longer need our pet sitting services, we will talk with you as long as you need, to help you decide if it’s time to say good bye. On several occasions, we have been present at the animal’s final moments.

Dog Walking Service

A healthy dog is a happy dog, and physical and mental activities are key to their well being. Get those tails wagging! Allow us to help you with our daily dog walking service. We maintain a journal at your home with notes regarding the walk, your dog’s behavior and any health concerns. Dog walking is a good time to see if an animal is ill, has some soreness or is acting lethargic.

Visits are either 20 or 30 minutes with walks of 15-25 minutes. The length of time varies based upon weather, how well he or she walks on leash and other walking conditions. When you schedule a visit, it is in a two-hour window. For example, if you want a walk at 1:00 PM, the service window would be 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM. We aim for the middle time. Because of geography, traffic and other scheduled visits, we are unable to guarantee a specific time.

Our Sitters are Employees, not Independent Contractors.

Learn why this topic is important for pet owners looking to hire a pet sitter or dog walker.

 When you hire us, a company employee will care for your animal.
Therefore, they are:

  • given a weekly schedule,
  • required to follow documented company policies as to how to conduct a visit,
  • not allowed to bring other persons with them on visits,
  • not allowed to have someone substitute for them.

We provide coverage for our employees, i.e., with liability insurance, a bonding policy, workers’ compensation insurance and state unemployment insurance.

Hire a Mature Pet Sitter

From Wags to Whiskers, Inc. employs mature individuals to care for your pets. Each pet sitter has a diverse skill set, often already having many years in a successful career. Some have raised children and most have animals of their own.We are all committed to caring for your pets in the best possible way and are willing to go beyond the standard job description. In addition, a mature pet sitter tends to have greater patience and better communication skills than less experienced persons.

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The Humane Society of the United States offers further insight into choosing pet care.

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