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Dog walking client, a shephard named Trigger

What We Do

In-Home Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, with Lots of Love!

We offer pet sitting and dog walking throughout much of Virginia Beach. Whether you are away on vacation, traveling for business, or just have a busy work schedule, a pet sitter is there to help you care for your special family members. Our pet sitters specialize in providing reliable, affectionate, and affordable care for your cats, dogs, birds, and other small animals.

Many dogs enjoy our weekly, private dog walking services and look forward to their dog walker’s arrival each day. When you have a long day at work, you can take comfort knowing that your friend has gotten a little love and exercise when you couldn’t be there.

Pet Sitting Availability

Limited availability from:
Friday, 7/12/24 through Sunday, 7/14/24

Limited availability from:
Thursday, 8/29/24 through Monday, 9/02/24

No availability from:
Thursday, 10/10/24 through Monday, 10/14/24

We Are Not an APP

We Are Your Partners in Caring for Your Pets

When you hire us as your pet sitting service, you are also hiring a partner in the general care of your animal. We build long-term relationships between the clients, company’s owner, sitters, and pets. This partnership is built on communication, accessibility, reliability, and trust.

APP companies such as Rover and Wag are well-known because of their marketing, but they are not professional pet sitting companies. They are e-commerce websites that provide access to services provided by multiple third parties, i.e, pet sitters and dog walkers. These referral-type websites do not meet the actual people they refer. These people are independent contractors (not employees), and the APP cannot control a standard of care. It is up to the pet owner to do due diligence for the safety and well-being of their pet and the security of their home, but sadly many do not.

Because of our experiences, we can offer advice on solving issues you are having with your animal or recommend veterinary clinics. And as the time approaches when you will no longer require our pet sitting services, we will talk with you as long as you need at that difficult time. On several occasions, we have been present at an animal’s final moments–it is not a time to be alone.

Owner and pet sitter, Cindy
Dog walking client, a mutt named Carly

Should you use an in-home pet sitting service or a kennel?

Many folks that need to be away from home wonder if they should get a dog sitter or cat sitter for their furry companion or instead use a kennel. Whether you choose a kennel or an in-home service depends mainly on the needs of your animals. If your pet is uncomfortable around other animals, or stressed outside their own environment, consider hiring a professional sitter to come to your home.

Below is a list of some of the general benefits of using a pet sitting service.

  • Animals are creatures of habit and don’t like change.
  • Familiar smells, sights and sounds comfort the animals, thus causing them less stress while you are away from home.
  • Your pets are not exposed to disease or parasites from other animals.
  • Someone visiting your house deters crime by giving your home a lived-in look.
  • You do not need to stop mail or newspaper delivery because we will bring these items inside.

If your animal needs more interaction with people and other animals, consider a kennel. If your pet doesn’t react well to visitors or strange people entering your house, he or she may also be a good candidate for a kennel.

Pet Sitting client Buddy, a tuxedo cat


Visits are about twenty or thirty minutes in length. Twenty minute visits are often sufficient for a quick midday dog break or for a cat visit when you are out of town. Longer visits can be accomodated.

A dog walking client, Brody, a pitbull mix


There is a fee for each visit made to your home. People heading out of town usually require three or four visits each day to care for their dogs. Cats often require only one visit a day.

Pet Sitting client Whiskey, a grey rabbit


Do you have other questions? People often do. Check out what others have wanted to know.

What Clients Are Saying

Pet Sitting client Whiskey
“Cindy has watched over my cats since 2010 and I have never felt more at ease leaving knowing my pets are in her hands. She managed to befriend one of my cats who is painfully shy. She doesn’t just care for their feeding and watering needs, she nurtures them and spends time each visit with them. I love the texts she sends giving me updates as to how my little ones are doing. “

Kelly Pogorelec

Pet Sitting client, old cat Madison
  “She goes above and beyond in the care of our pets and house. Very loving, conscientious, and reliable. Her services also include plants, mail, and pool etc. Whether it’s a weekend visit or longer vacation, we can count on everything running smoothly while we are away. She is absolutely the best!”

Kathleen Lalli

Pet Sitting client Annie, a laughing Lab
” The proof of a good dog sitter is when you come home and your pets are alert and happy and all is well around the house inside and out. This is something we have come to expect and depend on with Cindy and her crew taking care of our dogs. We would not know what to do without her service nor do we wish to have to find out! “

Judith Bryant

Ready to Meet and Talk?

Before service can began, we must arrange a time to meet. It will take place at your home and will last approximately 30 minutes. At that time, we will be introduced to your animals and we will discuss what will
happen during the visits.


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