Service  Rates

Effective September 1, 2016

Normal hours of operation are: 6:30 am to 9 pm. Visits outside of these hours can be accommodated for an additional fee. Below are the base rates for each visit to your home and do not reflect any other fees that may be applicable. These other fees are listed lower on the page.

The length of each visit shown is approximate; a general visit duration is needed in order to be able to service multiple homes over a span of hours. If more time is occasionally required to care for your animals, it will be provided at no additional cost.


$15.00 each visit Up to 2 dogs; walk is 15-25 minutes

(Payment may be made weekly or bi-weekly.)


These rates are the same for up to 3 animals. Visits last approximately 20-30 minutes. (Payment is due prior to start of service.)

$18.00 – (Dogs or dogs with other types of animals)
$16.00 – (Cats and other small animals) the arrival time of visit is unrestricted; visits are done each day you are away
$18.00 – (Cats) arrival time of visit is restricted, e.g., for insulin shots.
$28.00 – (Large Birds) Two visits per day: one short (10-15 minutes); one long (20-30 minutes); up to 3 birds

The following care is given during the visit:

+ Provide food and water
+ Play, exercise and love
+ Perform clean up (litter boxes, pet messes, etc)
+ Administer any medications
+ Get prompt veterinary care if needed

The following home care is also provided at no additional cost:

+ Plants are watered
+ Newspaper and mail brought inside
+ Trash and recycling containers brought in and out form the curb
+ Lights and window coverings altered to give that at-home look and feeling


$6.00 – Fee for each additional 15 minutes of time.
$0.50 – Mileage charged per visit for distances greater than 5 miles from my home* for weekly dog walks; greater than 10 miles from my home* for pet sitting
$2.00 – Fee charged for each additional pet over limit
$5.00 – Fee added for visits scheduled from 9 pm to 11 pm
$25.00 – Emergency Veterinary visit
$25.00 – Unscheduled services from 10 pm to 6:00 am, e.g., supplying key when owner is locked out of home, handling alarm company calls
$5.00 – Fee for key duplication if only one key is provided
$10.00 – Fee if second sitter is required at visit, e.g., to give medications
$10.00 – Fee if pickup of pet supplies are needed during visit
$10.00 – Fee for pickup and/or drop off keys
$10.00 – Surcharge for visits made on Christmas or Thanksgiving. (Charged once per day, not per visit)

Methods Of Payment
Check, Money Order,  Credit Card or
Pay online with PayPal

* 2228 Mill Crossing Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23454 (as of 10/01/2016)