Keys & Alarm Systems

If you decide to use our services, we will require two copies of your key. There is a $10 charge to return for key pickup; there is a $5 charge if we are required to make the second key.

Most clients leave their key in our possession so that subsequent visits can be easily arranged without a key exchange. This is especially helpful when there is an unexpected business trip or a family emergency requiring you to rush out of town.

Keys must be in our possession prior to you leaving town. Because of liability concerns, we will not use keys left outside waiting for our first visit nor will we leave a key outside at your home on the final visit. You may drop off and/or pick up keys at my home. We will also drop off and/or pick up keys for a fee,

Keys left with us are tagged with a security code unrelated to your home. They are kept in a locked security box when not being used for scheduled visits.