Whether you are away on vacation, traveling for business, or just have a busy work schedule, we are there to help you care for your special family members. We specialize in providing reliable, affectionate, and affordable care for your cats, dogs, and other small animals.

 Many dogs enjoy our weekly dog walking services and look forward to our arrival each day. When you have a long day at work, you can take comfort knowing that your friend has gotten a little love and exercise when you couldn’t be there.

Dogs at door

We Have the Experience

Since 2004, we have specialized in providing in-home care for your dogs, cats and other small animals Because of our years of experience, when the unexpected happens — as it often does — we know how to handle the situation.

Mature Staff of Employees

From Wags to Whiskers employs mature individuals to care for your pets. They have a diverse skill set, often already having many years in a successful career, have often raised children and are committed to caring for your pets in the best possible way –even if it means going beyond the normal boundaries of their job description. They tend to have more patience and better communication skills than younger persons.

Employees, not Independent Contractors

Our staff is comprised of employees rather than independent contractors.
Read why this is important for a pet owner.

 There are no dog breed or size restrictions.

Insured & Bonded.

The Humane society of the United States offers further insight into how and why to choose a pet sitter.